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More About Us

My Story

In 2000, I followed my passion for plants and design ,re trained with Pershore college and gave up my teaching career to set up my own business, Gaynor Steele Garden Design . I like to provide a bespoke, quality service to my customers, no matter what garden or planting service you’re looking for.

I grew up surrounded by keen amateur gardeners .My grandmothers' small back garden was filled with colourful plants, which she often grew herself and dahlias were a particular favourite. 

My parents garden was a paradise of mixed flowering perennials, every surface being utilised, clematis the size of dinner plates growing up the fences and scented rose covered arbours. Even my Dads. 'allotment was an inspiration to me as a city child. I never forgot how being outside in those spaces made me feel and now I love to help others create magical outdoor spaces. 

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Me, Past and Present.

Proud and Professional

2016-01-27 08.53.02.jpg

Back in 2001 with my Chelsea flower show Silver gilt medal. 


Proud mom of 5 sons


Gaynor Steele Garden Design ..How it works!

A brief description of the design process.

We’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ expectations, and have gained valuable experience in various capacities through our work with both businesses and individuals. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect.


The initial consultation.

This is normally a free and informal visit to the garden site which enables me to see the space with its challenges and benefits, to discover your hopes and dreams for the garden and what kind of budget you have in mind for the project. Landscaping is not cheap and sometimes part of my job is to help you find realistic expectations for your available funds.

From that initial visit , I will put together a quote for my part of the process, the design , and all that it entails. 


Step 2: The design consultation phase.

Once you have agreed to my quote I will need to arrange to come and survey/measure your space.

I will create a ground plan to scale and then begin playing with ideas of how we can best improve your garden layout. These are sometimes called concept sketches.


The plan

Once we have gone through the design options and made some decisions together, I can then draw your masterplan. This is a scale drawn, detailed plan with additional notes and supporting images as required. I prefer to hand draw plans, some designers prefer to use technology but the final outcome should still be a working document that a landscaper can use to create the garden of your dreams.

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